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When I was 12 years old I would help my dad install shingles on side jobs to make
extra spending money. When I was 15 I roofed my first house for a neighbor. Then
another neighbor hired me to do his roof then another neighbor. Then I ended up
installing new connects to sewer lines the following year when my hometown, Battle
Ground, Indiana, converted from septic to city waste control. Then when I turned 18 I
got hired by a concrete company & worked for them until I was 21 at which time I
started my own business pouring concrete and roofing houses.

When I turned 28 I moved my business to Miami, FL as it was too cold to work year
round up north. When I moved to Florida I vowed to never roof another house and
put all my energy into becoming a premier concrete contractor. I hired a man who
had worked with, and is an expert stamped concrete installer. He taught me the
ropes while I was selling the jobs and helping install them. After 6 years in Miami I
had the opportunity to install a stamped driveway in the Plantation in Ponte Vedra
Beach Fla. It was so much nicer here that I decided to move my business here as
there was only two stamped concrete company's here and lots of opportunity. I
moved here right as hurricane Hugo went by and have been here ever since, doing
thousands of concrete jobs large and small including plain and decorative concrete.
We also have installed hundreds of new home slabs between St. Johns, Duval and
Nassau Counties. I bought a home on the Intracoastal Waterway in 1991 and plan to
stay here forever. We have evolved into paver driveways and overlay stamping on
existing slabs but our main focus in on concrete as we have been pouring it for over
30 years. My goal is the same as always and that is to install the best and longest
lasting concrete jobs possible.
Albert Waugh Concrete     83 Roscoe Blvd N    Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082
Phone: (904) 285-4722    Cell: (904) 463-3331      Email:   
Phone: (904) 285-4722    Cell: (904) 463-3331      Email:   WaughConcrete@yahoo.com